Rachelle Fordyce

Rachelle Fordyce and Her Connection to Steve Pavlina

For Rachelle Fordyce, life is an adventure, and, taking from the famous Helen Keller quote, it has to be daring.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure.

– Helen Keller

Rachelle Fordyce

Read on to find out more about Rachelle Fordyce and her connection to Steve Pavlina…

Her life story, so far, is an accurate unfolding of a daring adventure. After all, what could be more daring than baring your life and soul to the public by way of blogging? And what could be even more daring than sharing your life with a famous blogger and self-help guru who used to be married to a well-known psychic?

Indeed, life is an adventure for Rachelle Fordyce.

An Adventure Called Life

Rachelle was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada.

She graduated from high school with honors and attended the University of Winnipeg, where she majored in Theatre and Drama and earned a four-year Bachelor of Arts Honors degree.

After graduating, she worked in a call center for eight long years, during which she gained many experiences. Rachelle has written a solo play centered on her experience working in a call center. She entitled the play ‘Hate Your Job? Quit!’ but later came up with another version of it called ‘S.M.I.L.E. while you D.I.E.’

After deciding to quit from her job in the call center industry, Rachelle finally pursued her desire to be a stage actor, a playwright, an independent theatre producer, a stage manager, and a director. But she has so far found a new passion for blogging. Despite these roles, Rachelle wishes not to be labeled or defined based on what she does, as she wants to keep her options open to maximize her unlimited potential.

Rachelle also describes herself as a bit of a geek, due to her love for ST:TNG and other forms of sci-fi. She was also a former gamer, although she has long gone past that stage. In 2001, she also decided to become a vegan, which was partly due to her compassion towards animals. She is also compassionate toward people and the planet itself. The positive effects that being vegan has on her have instilled a desire in her to inspire others to follow a diet that is not only healthy and sustainable not only for their bodies but also for the planet itself. This has encouraged her to become active in environmental education and outreach. She also uses her blog as a tool in this objective. In fact, from time to time, she posts creative vegan recipes to make it easier for those who wish to go vegan to add some exciting variety to their menu.

As part of her goal for personal growth, she is striving to eliminate certain traits and habits that are not positive for her, such as procrastination.

Rachelle Fordyce and Steve Pavlina

Rachelle and Steve.

Rachelle and Steve Pavlina in 2010.

Rachelle Fordyce and Steve Pavlina met by way of a Facebook post, one where Steve expressed an interest in D/S play.

Steve had wanted to explore the dominant side, and wanted to meet a woman who was interested in exploring the submissive side. As expected, many people were not supportive of his interest, but one woman responded to his interest with equal amounts of it.

Rachelle and Steve first met during a Conscious Growth Workshop that Steve had conducted back in 2009. That time, Steve was still married to Erin Pavlina. After their divorce and after Steve expressed interest in D/S play, Rachelle finally settled into his life. At first, they would simply discuss their shared interest, but eventually, Steve invited Rachelle to play, to which she consented. Although their relationship began through D/S play, they soon found that their connection went deeper than that. They ended up falling in love, and although D/S play is still enjoyable for both of them, they soon became busy exploring other aspects of their connection.

It also helps that they have quite a lot to connect them. Steve, like Rachelle, is also a long-term vegan and also loves the Trek. And since both of them are not tied down by conventional 9 to 5 jobs, they both have plenty of time to explore various activities.

For Steve, his relationship with Rachelle Fordyce happened because he had the courage to broadcast his interest in a subject that is far from traditional. His courage to do so led to his meeting the person who is most important to him now.

On Blogging

Rachelle has only just begun blogging, unlike Steve who has been doing it for so long. But the theme of her blog is ‘Inspired living for creative people’, which is clear that she is hoping to be an inspiration for everyone, as she believes that every person is born with an inherent desire to create. You can learn more about Rachelle Fordyce through her personal blog.

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