Personal Development

Personal Development According to Steve Pavlina

The purpose of this website is to help you learn more about Steve Pavlina’s concepts on personal development. Steve’s tips and principles for personal development aim to help people grow as conscious human beings.

What inspired Steve to start his personal development blog was his genuine belief that people are not born to struggle and to suffer. Instead, people are created to express their gifts, share them with others, give love, and receive love. In other words, people are meant to be happy. Unfortunately, very few people are truly happy, and Steve wants to change that through his work.

The Main Themes in Personal Development by Steve Pavlina

Steve’s concept of pursuing and achieving personal development is not an instant solution; rather, it is a long process that, Steve admits, takes time and commitment. His site, however, has plenty of resources that are designed to help readers in every step of the way. His site hopes to instill in people the ability to take control and responsibility for the main areas of life, including:a

  • Habits
  • Career
  • Money
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality

Steve, through his blog, invites readers to take a look at who they really are and who they want to be, so they can determine what needs to be done to make those two concepts meet.

His site focuses on seven main principles:

  • Truth – The ability to accept reality and rid your life of denial and falsehood
  • Love – The ability to connect with yourself and with others
  • Power – Building motivation and discipline to bring about the life you desire
  • Oneness – Be one with the world; make the world your ally in bringing about the best life for you
  • Authority – Taking command of your life and making clear decisions
  • Courage – Having the inner strength to overcome fear and take action
  • Intelligence– Expressing your genuine self, your creativity, and living authentically

Steps to Personal Growth: Steve’s Story

According to Steve, several steps are essential for those who wish to attain personal growth. These are:

  • Discovering one’s purpose and accepting it
  • Feeling motivated, energized, and passionate
  • Shedding disempowering relationships
  • Building a network of loving support
  • Achieving stable financial abundance while doing the thing you love
  • Making a genuine contribution to humanity

Steve does not give a how to guide on attaining personal growth. Instead, he experiments and conducts trials on various concepts and beliefs to see how they can help a person in the pursuit of personal growth.

On discovering purposes in life, Steve recommends the use of his list of values. He came up with this list to help people determine the values that matter most to them. This list can help people identify their purpose and to set priorities that are consistent with this purpose. By doing so, they can make their lives go the way they desire.

On developing passion, Steve studied the subject of polyamory, or sharing a deep emotional connection with several people with everyone’s consent. By opening yourself up more easily to others and forging deep connections with several people, Steve believes a person will be able to develop his compassion for people in general.

On shedding relationships that held you back, Steve offers his own marriage as an example. In 2009, he and former wife Erin Pavlina decided to separate. Their decision was mutual and was part of their desires to grow as two separate individuals who have become incompatible over time. By having the courage to let go of the relationship, Steve and Erin was able to open up their lives to their true desires.

On building a network of support, this website will share some details on how Steve found a new love in the person of Rachelle Fordyce.

These are just some examples of how Steve’s experiences and his blog posts about them can help provide a glimpse at how personal development really occurs.

Six Useful Resources to Help You Grow

Steve’s work in personal development offers people a total of six different resources that can help them attain the life that they desire. These resources include:

  1. The Courage to Live Consciously – A great opening article that can help you see the difference between the life you’re living now and the life you can achieve if you live consciously.
  2. Personal development articles – Steve has several personal development articles that explore many key topics in the subject. These articles are very specific and can provide practical tips on changing various aspects of your life.
  3. Personal development blog posts – Steve regularly posts new personal development resources on his blog. Aside from visiting his blog, it is also possible to use the free RSS feed. You can also explore past posts by checking out Steve’s archive, which includes posts dating back to October 2004.
  4. Most Popular – If you want to choose only the most proven and tested concepts and tips from Steve Pavlina, the Most Popular posts section can help you.
  5. Personal development podcast – Steve also offers podcasts for those who prefer listening to reading. These podcasts can be found in the personal development audio section, which is completely free for use. In fact, they can be downloaded for later listening.
  6. Personal development newsletter – Steve Pavlina also offers a free newsletter that allows you to keep up-to-date with Steve’s insights. These newsletters are also helpful for those who want to learn about the latest developments in Steve’s various trials. Currently, thousands of people have signed up to receive Steve’s newsletter regularly.

Among all his articles and blog posts, Steve also recommends several important ones. This shortlist covers various topics, including:

  • How to earn passive income from eBooks
  • How to set goals
  • How to start money-making websites
  • How to eliminate limiting beliefs
  • How to record life lessons in a journal
  • How to release blocks
  • How to discover your life purpose
  • How to condition the mind for success and positive thinking

These are just some of the many resources that Steve offers for those who are interested in pursuing personal growth. All of the free personal development material on Steve’s website can fill up to 25 books on the subject.

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