Erin And Her Divorce

Erin Pavlina’s divorce from Steve Pavlina can teach many lessons for those who plan on getting a divorce themselves, read this page to find out more about the Erin Pavlina divorce. The way Erin and Steve handled their divorce is one of the most effective and amicable ways of doing so, and they provide the perfect example for those who feel like a divorce is the only way but is afraid to take the plunge.

Divorce: An Opportunity for Growth

Erin and Steve’s divorce was the result of a mutual decision they made together. They simply realized that their desires in life took them to different directions, and the way they have grown over the years have made them incompatible. Since they did not share the same desires, they found themselves often compromising, and the constant compromises did not make either of them really content and satisfied with life. The hard part is actually not getting a divorce; it is more difficult for people to examine and admit that they have such a problem. So Erin’s first advice to couples who seem to be lacking something is to examine if any constant compromising is putting their happiness in the relationship in jeopardy.

One of the common reasons that hinder people from getting a divorce is their desire to honor the commitment they made long ago. According to Erin, this should not hinder anyone, as there was no way for you to know back then what you would be and what you would want now. If you find that you’re a different person and that you no longer find true happiness with one another, Steve and Erin shows you that it is far better to let go and give yourself a chance to be truly happy.

What Can Be Salvaged

For many people, divorce is the destruction of marriage, of love, and of family. But Steve and Erin is the perfect example that some things can still remain even after a divorce. The most important of these things is friendship, something that Steve and Erin managed to salvage, and the same thing that allows them to continue enjoying each other’s company and continue working together.

The Emotions

Many people are afraid to go through divorce because of the hurt and sadness that come with it. Although they know that divorce would eventually be good for them, they don’t know how to be both happy and sad. For Erin, the sadness was part of it. After the divorce, she was sad about some of the things they lost but happy about the things they gained. There were times when sadness and anger want to come, and during those times, Erin found that the best way to overcome them is to honor them.

She also gained strength upon realizing that she was sad about something that was already gone: the old story between her and Steve. This is something that other divorcees fail to see, which is why they experience a lot of pain and sadness following a separation. In Erin’s case, this helped her look more closely at the positive side of the divorce, which is the fact that they were keeping themselves intact and removing the things that make them bleed.

As A Psychic

One of the common questions that Erin was asked after the divorce was publicized was whether she saw it coming since she was psychic. But according to Erin, it did not take psychic abilities to see that they were both unhappy in the marriage. She had an idea it would lead to a separation, mainly because she was in the marriage.

Erin Pavlina Divorce – The End of the Story

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