The Erin Pavlina Blog

Erin Pavlina is one of the most widely acclaimed and most highly demanded intuitive counselors today. Aside from her psychic abilities, Erin has made a name for herself thanks to her compassion and her down-to-earth attitude. She has successfully bridged the gap between the spiritual and the practical, and her insights are always sought after.

To learn more about Erin Pavlina’s work, it is best to experience one of her readings. But if you want to get an overview about what she does and what she can help you with, the best place to go to is her blog.

Erin Pavlina blog topics

Erin Pavlina’s blog is where she writes most of her ideas and insights on various topics. In fact, she has written more than 500 different blog posts on various categories such as:

  • spiritual
  • psychic
  • personal development

She has touched specific subjects like:

  • astral projection
  • divorce
  • career and finances
  • channeling and spirits
  • health and fitness
  • inspiration
  • compassion and kindness
  • love and relationships
  • politics and world affairs
  • sleep and dreams
  • the 4th dimension
  • the paranormal

Erin has also bravely tackled common but sensitive social issues such as suicide as well as common spiritual issues such as reincarnation.

Those interested in becoming a professional intuitive can also get a lot of in-depth information and real advice from Erin through her blog posts.

What Erin Does through Her Blog

While her specialty is helping people find their life paths, she also aims to help smooth out various aspects of people’s lives, such as their work, their money, and their relationships. She also hopes to help people become more compassionate and loving towards others, including animals and the world itself. She also aims to help people open themselves up to the spiritual and the supernatural.

In her blog, she also answers some actual questions sent in by her readers. In one blog post, she also answered the top 10 most common questions her readers have asked about astral projection. This is a very effective way of communicating directly with her followers and also of teaching others and helping them understand concepts that they are already struggling with. Erin’s genuine desire to clear these issues in the minds of her readers is part of what makes her very effective in what she does.

Additionally, she also uses her blog to share news and announcements, the way she did when she revealed that she and her former husband Steve were getting a divorce. Her blog is also where she announced scheduled workshops, such as intuition development workshops.

Sometimes, Erin also uses her blog to interact with her readers by holding various contests and hosting online events. In June of 2012, during the 6th anniversary of her first professional intuitive reading, she also announced a special offer to all her blog followers.

Recently, Erin has begun providing channeled messages through her blog. She recently noted that her readers should expect more of the channeled messages as she is enjoying this newly discovered method of blogging.

Those who are interested in Erin’s knowledge will learn more about what she does and how she can help through her blog.

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