Erin Pavlina And Astral Projection

This page is all about Erin Pavlina Astral Projection.

Erin Pavlina is known for many things: her world-renowned blog, her psychic abilities, and her relationship with famous self-help guru Steve Pavlina. But there’s actually more to Erin than these. For one thing, she is also into astral projection.

Astral projection happens when a person consciously separates his soul (also known as the astral body) from his physical, corporeal body. This is based on the premise that the body simply houses the soul, which means it is possible for these two to separate. According to the concept, a person’s consciousness goes with the astral body when it projects, and does not stay with the physical body, which will then be left like an empty shell although it is still alive and functioning. This shell will remain connected to your astral body by a silver cord. When this silver cord is severed, the person automatically dies. Erin believes that this is, in fact, what really happens in death.

The experience itself is similar to an out-of-body experience, although out-of-body experiences usually occur unconsciously or without the person meaning for it to happen. In many cases, these experiences occur when a person encounters trauma or is under surgery. As a result, the person usually does not have any control over it and how long it lasts.

In contrast, astral projection occurs with the full intention of the person involved, and it can last for as long as you want it to.

Lucid Dreams vs. Astral Projection

After Erin shared her first encounter with astral projection to the public, many people asked her how she knew for certain that she wasn’t simply having lucid dreams. Erin explains the difference between lucid dreams and astral projection.

Lucid dreams, which are only possible when a person is dreaming, occur in the dream world, which means the things and characters in it are not real and can thus be controlled.

In an astral projection, on the other hand, you still belong to the actual world, and the things that surround you are still the same. Since they are real and are not products of your imagination, you will still not be able to control them. You are also not sleeping; you are simply leaving your body, but you are awake and conscious the whole time.

What Can You Do?

When you are in a projected state, you can do a lot of things, and they can be very specific to your situation. There are practically no limits as to what you can do during astral projection. In Erin’s case, these included:

  • Helping lost souls find their way to the after-life
  • Conversing with high-energy beings
  • Encountering and having conversations with dead relatives
  • Going back in time (as long as she stayed on the astral plane)
  • Going to other planets and realms
  • Visited friends who were also astral
  • Flying around the planet
  • Engaging in relations with other beings
  • Conversing with spirit guides

Benefits of Astral Projection

Erin experienced many benefits when she began with astral projection. These include:

  • Confirming the existence of a soul
  • Not being afraid of dying
  • Getting the chance to talk to dead relatives
  • Exploring the unknown
  • Speaking to angelic beings

Despite these perks, Erin admits that there is no pressing need to indulge in astral projection as it is possible to live a full life without ever having to do it.

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