Erin Pavlina

Erin Pavlina – the Unofficial Guide

This is the unofficial guide to Erin Pavlina’s work as a psychic and an expert on self-help, personal growth, and astral projection. This guide aims to inform readers on who Erin is and how she could be of help.

Erin Pavlina

Find out about Erin Pavlina, her divorce with Steve, her readings and her astral projection…

Erin Pavlina is the former wife of Steve Pavlina, renowned self-help guru. Just like Steve, Erin’s work revolves around the blog where she chronicles her life and experiences in. Through her blog, Erin shares what she learns through her life experiences as well as her studies on various subjects, with the hope of helping people find their life paths and grow as individuals. Her work is closely related to that of Steve, but she has her own unique strengths, such as her psychic ability and her expertise on astral projection.

As such, she is now considered as one of the top psychic bloggers in the world. Her blog is a widely known source for valuable and practical information on all things psychic. Through it and by reading her experiences, readers can learn how to be in tune with their intuition, which can guide them into finding better lives for themselves.

Erin Pavlina Divorce

One of the aspects of life that Erin is quite an expert on is life after divorce. Erin used to be married to Steve Pavlina, and they shared not only a life, but also a business together. However, Steve and Erin started growing in ways that brought them apart. Eventually they realized that their goals were pulling them apart, so they decided to get a divorce.

Unlike many women who have been through a divorce, however, Erin was able to use her experience to better herself. The divorce was, for her, an opportunity to pursue her true desires in life without Steve hindering her. Erin and Steve’s divorce was a clear example that divorce does not have to be wrought with heartache and trouble, but can actually be done with friendship and mutual respect. Now, Steve and Erin continue to be friends and continue to do their work together, but they are also free to pursue their individual desires and happiness.

Erin Pavlina Readings

As a psychic, Erin offers psychic readings professionally. She uses this as a way of using her extraordinary ability to help others connect with their spirit guides and find the path laid out for them. Erin has been intuitive all her life, but she only realized her full intuitive gifts back in 2006. Since then, she has helped thousands of people get back on the right track through her readings.

Erin currently offers two types of readings: a basic shorter reading session and a longer, more comprehensive appointment. All her readings are conducted over the phone, although she is most willing to make exceptions when the situation direly calls for it.

Erin Pavlina has made a name for herself in psychic readings. Although she charges more than other psychic bloggers, Erin’s psychic insights make the readings worth it.

Erin Pavlina Astral Projection

It took a lot of courage for Erin to publicize her experiences with astral projection. As can be expected, coming out publicly as a psychic who is also astral can be difficult, but Erin was able to do it with the help of her social supporters. This is why she only fully publicized her psychic abilities and her astral projection experiences once she had a good loyal following on her blog.

Erin’s discussions on astral projections are centered upon her own experience in the matter. Here she recounts her own experiences and explains exactly what happens when people project themselves on the astral plane. Erin also explains the difference between astral projection and lucid dreaming, to give her readers a deeper understanding of astral projection, which can help them in case they also want to pursue this path. Erin also highlights the many benefits of being able to project oneself on the astral world, but also gives practical advice on whether or not to pursue astral projection as part of personal growth.

Erin Pavlina Blog

The Erin Pavlina blog is where it all started. Now, Erin’s blog is like a library that houses all her ideas and tips, but her work does not revolve around it anymore the way it did before. Erin began blogging by writing 2 to 3 posts a week, but eventually, her real work, the work that really helps people, began taking center stage. Now, Erin usually blogs just once a week, as she is busy planning, creating, and doing readings. Erin, however, admits that her blog is a significant part of her business, as it is what helps her establish a loyal following. She still uses her blog especially when she has something that she wants to share with her followers. Her advice for bloggers is to commit themselves to writing, as this is key to keeping themselves on readers’ minds.

Training with Erin Pavlina

Erin Pavlina also offers a training program designed to help those who are interested in becoming a professional intuitive like her. Just as in her case, Erin recognizes that the desire to help people by being a professional intuitive is a calling. The program aims to help those who wish to help others achieve their goals, overcome their fears, and realize their desires. The training program will give people the opportunity to spend three days working with her. They will be taught how to connect with other people’s spirit guides in order to reap guidance, wisdom, and insight that can help other people. The program teaches aspiring intuitive on how to open their chakras to boost their signals, how to connect with conduit guides, how to communicate with deceased people, how to communicate with clients compassionately, how to handle challenges in the psychic practice, how to market a practice, and how to attract the right clients.

Erin’s experience, portfolio, and income support her credibility in the work that she does. She is currently earning a six-figure income monthly while doing something that she loves and being of help to others. Her wide scope of expertise makes her truly the expert in the field and the best person to go to for insight, professional readings, or psychic training.

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